Small business and social media – where to start?

  Gone are the days when the drive was to develop a presence on the Internet with a website that in its simplest form served as an online brochure.  Now it vital is to have an online presence that  should form a critical linchpin of your marketing efforts.   There is no doubt that social […]

How do I improve my sales staff performance?

I am often asked by the Managing Director Owners or by Sales Managers, how do I, or how can I improve my sales staffs performance. I always give a similar response but it is very much based upon culture, systems, management and targeting. Let me explain further and try and give an example. Often I […]

Tips for managing Contract Variations

Contract Variations  Contract variations particularly in construction and  project work can be a  major source of conflict.  For the small business contracted to work on a project, unfavourable terms for managing variations can result in cash-flow angst.  Variations on project work can  run to hundreds of thousands   of dollars, depending on the contract size . This […]

The value of team meetings and some best practice tips.

This week I thought I would write about what is often a vexed subjects for lots of employees and managers. “Team Meetings” In many companies employee surveys have shown that communication between management and staff is sadly lacking in frequency, structure and delivery. Unfortunately in many smaller SME businesses that is especially true. Too often […]

Tender response tips for small business

For small and medium sized business ,  supplying goods and services to a large organisation is an opportunity many companies strive for. The downside is the documentation involved can present a challenge for a small organisation who may only be use to submitting quotations instead of a full tender response. The paperwork required for most […]

Psychometric Tools – mumbo jumbo or can it boost your business?

Success in business always come down to one factor “People” and people of course means everyone who works for an organisation. In the last 50 years Psychometric profiling science has matured and been tested across multiple fields and if the correct tests and processes are followed can be used for Personal Development  Team Development  Recruitment […]

Three must have cloud programmes

In my last post I gave 5 important reasons as to why it is crucial to keep up to date financial information on your business. Today, I give pointers to the on how and why you can utilise technology to make you more efficient, increase you and your staffs productivity and most importantly give you, […]

5 important reasons to have up to date financial information on your business

1. NOT KNOWING CAN SEND YOU BROKE Did you know that external administrator reports supplied to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission says that too much failure is self-inflicted? In fact, “poor economic conditions” was not at the top of 13 possible causes of business failure, Across five industries that ASIC reported on. “Poor financial […]